Wings of War: Flight of the Giants


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This new set of "Wings of War" introduces the large multi-engine bombers of the First World War. The huge Zeppelin Staakens and the Gothas that bombed London, the Caproni Ca3s used by Italian and French air services on several fronts, the Handley Page O/400 used by British and Australian air forces as a strategic bomber but also in support of Lawrence of Arabia, the huge seaplanes hunting submarines and dirigibles over and under the North Sea and even more.

The expansion kit is not independent: a basic box is needed among Wings of War: Famous Aces, Wings of War: Watch Your Back! or Wings of War: Burning Drachens. Rules and materials from Wings of War: Deluxe Set are also enough to play, but this expansion does not include miniatures.

Part of the Wings of War series

Jugadores: 2 a 6.
Edad: 13 años o más.
Duracion: A partir de 30 minutos.
Idioma: Inglés.
Dependencia de idioma: Moderada.